Shining a Light on Pain Relief

See why professional athletes and people suffering from chronic pain all trust LumiWave to eliminate their muscle and joint pain.

Our Guiding Philosophy

We built LumiWave around a shared purpose to rid people of joint and muscle pain in a safe, quick and simple way. For people serious about conquering their pain, the LumiWave Infrared Light Therapy Device provides serious and quick relief, without any side-effects.

Medical-Grade Technology Available At Home.

LumiWave® is a clinical grade pain relief solution for use in the comfort of your own home. The FDA cleared device offers fast pain relief without the harmful side effects of drugs. LumiWave® is used by professional athletes at the PGA, MLB, NFL and Olympic levels, based on clinical testing by medical professionals.

One Device. A Variety of Treatments

LumiWave® is a pain-free solution to a variety of ailments including arthritis, tendinitis, muscle soreness, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

Some Relevant Stats

1st Product

To receive FDA clearance in it’s product category

11+ Patents

Obtained for proprietary LumiWave product.

100% Drug Free

Product that stimulates your own body’s repair function without the use of drugs

1 Team

Dedicated to helping you live life without pain


What Others Are Saying

“I was being prescribed muscle relaxers and purchasing pain relief patches. The muscle relaxers had dangerous side effects and the patches were very costly. I no longer use either since using the LumiWave and I would recommend it to anybody with arthritis, muscle and back pain.” – Herbert Reiter, Suffers from Arthritis
“I was experiencing extreme pain in the front area of my shoulder and overall stiffness in the shoulder. I tried the LumiWave from BioCare Systems and was pleasantly surprised. I have remained without the pain to this day and I am greatly appreciative of the relief that I now have.” – David Williams, Certified Teaching Tennis Professional  

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LumiWave® was created by medical professionals with a commitment to helping people feel better. The LumiWave device has been used by professional athletes at a variety of levels including the NFL, PGA and Olympic levels.