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This story originally appeared in GizmoFustion and was written by Ben Oaks.


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The LumiWave by BioCare Systems uses a unique system of LED’s that emit light over the infrared spectrum to help heal your aching joints and nagging pains that you haven’t been able to help with other treatments. Lets take a look at how LumiWave works and see if it actually works.

LumiWave has 4 pods that are lined with 49 Gallium Aluminum Arsenide Infrared LED’s. These LED’s operate on the wavelength of 800nm at room temperature and 900nm at operating temperature. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, testing Infrared Therapy between wavelengths of 800nm and 1200nm, they showed that Infrared LED Therapy was effective in relieving lower back pain with no negative side effects. Also, according to the study

infrared (IR) therapy has been developed, which has shown improved wound healing, relief of arthritic knee pain, increased endorphin levels and bioactivation of neuromodulators.

This case study helps show that the LumiWave Infrared system does work. Also, the LumiWave is FDA cleared for consumer use. This lets you know that the use of LumiWave is safe to use.

I have had chronic knee pain since my first knee surgery at age 15. Medicine has helped the pain some as well as visiting the chiropractor. Unfortunatly I could become addicted to pain killers or have lingering issues from taking too much Advil. Also the chiropractor doesn’t live in my house so I can’t get treatment on the fly. The LumiWave can go with you and is always at home when you need it.

The LumiWave comes in 3 parts. First is the power cord that plugs directly into your standard 120V power outlet in your home. Next is the power control module. This allows you to choose between a 20 and 40 minute treatments. Last is the IR LED band. This band features 4 IR LED pads. You use the included strap to attach the band to the effected area.

Once you plug-in the LumiWave you will hear several beeps. This lets you know that the LumiWave is ready for use. Then you can decide if you need a 20 or 40 minute session. Once your session is over, you will hear more beeps to let you know that it has shut off.

Once you start your therapy, you will feel a slight warming to the area from the IR Pads. If you want to walk around in an area near your power outlet, you can attach the Power Control Module to your waistband or pocket with a belt clip that is removable.

How the LumiWave helps is by introducing Infrared Light to the affected area. Using the LumiWave helps increase blood flow to the area after treatment. The increased blood flow helps increase Nitric Oxide, which is one of the body’s main way of healing sore muscles and tendons.

I have used the LumiWave on my knees at night when attempting to sleep. The LumiWave is small enough that you can wear it while you are sleeping without any discomfort or disturbance to your sleep.

The LumiWave has defiantly helped with my knee pain and helped me get to sleep. It’s nice to be able to find a way to relieve my knee pain without any Advil or narcotics.

Sure you say, but a heating pad works just as well and I can pick up a bunch of them for the cost of one LumiWave. The difference between a heating pad and the LumiWave is that the LumiWave uses Infrared LED’s to get a deeper heat and treatment into the muscles and tendons that you just can’t get from a heating pad.

LumiWave will also work with pain on other parts of your body such as shoulders, neck, back and leg pain.

One of the things I like about the LumiWave is that the device has been created by Doctors, Orthopedists, PhD’s, and US Olympic Trainers.

The LumiWave is available in a single and double pack for $299 and $449. The LumiWave system is available at