Travel writer Judi Dash recently tested LumiWave and wrote about her experience in The Philadelphia Inquirer. Read her thoughts on LumiWave here.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times and was written by Judi Dash.


Physical therapists are increasingly recommending low-level infrared light therapy as an alternative to traditional electric heating pads for relieving muscle aches and tension — not uncommon side effects of long flights and active days exploring new terrain.

BioCare has introduced a travel-friendly infrared therapy device called LumiWave, which uses four linked-together LED-powered pods that can be draped over an aching area or fastened around a wrist or ankle.

In testing, the heat against the skin felt milder than a heating pad, but did soothe sore muscles, especially after a few treatments. LumiWave Infrared Light and Heat Therapy System is $299 for four-pod version; $449 for eight-pod model.