Yahoo! Health gave its readers tips about working out smarter, not harder, with technology and recommended using LumiWave:

This story originally appeared in Yahoo! and was written by Andrew Prentis.

When it comes to your workout, technology isn’t always supposed to make things easier. Sometimes harder and faster is better. And of course, smarter.

Thanks, in part, to last month’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (and the everyday ingenuity of inventors and startups in the health-plus-tech space), here are eight new ways that change your workout for the better — they make it smarter.


High-tech solutions extend beyond your workout to your inevitable post-workout aches and pains. The LumiWave, which started fulfilling orders on Jan. 15, is a  near infrared (NIR) wearable device that uses photo-biostimulation to gently warm (or cool) inflamed muscles, joints, and deep tissue areas of the body. (NIR light waves are emitted through specially engineered Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs.) The product’s parent company, BioCare Systems, Inc., believes that its 200-to-400-LED devices, which range in price from $299 to $449, are a healthier, more sustainable solution for those us who have long relied on oral medication like ibuprofen or cortisone shots. Jon Weston, the company’s CEO, tells Yahoo Health that LumiWave has so far received more positive feedback from people using it on “fresh” injuries. “Sometimes, users with chronic pain won’t notice results right away,” he says. “This is because healing tissue with long-term damage sometimes takes long-term healing. LumiWave is  not a quick fix for everyone.” To make it even more portable, a battery-powered version is in the design phase for a future release.