This year LumiWave was named a “Techcessory We Couldn’t Live Without” by My Men’s Health. Read what they had to say here:

This article originally appeared in Men’s Health and was written by Eric Leech.

Lumiwave Infrared Light Therapy


We never expected science to find anything much better for injuries than the soothing heat of infrared light. But we also didn’t expect to find this Lumiwave kit by BioCare to be as effective and portable as it is.

As an injury-prone group, we used this device on a combination of old and new injuries… and we experienced noticeable relief in most all cases. And while infrared light therapy is nothing new, this portable device is compact and powerful enough to be considered a significant ‘upgrade’ from what you’re probably use to.

The system consists of four panels holding a total of 200 infrared-emitting LEDS. This enables it to be wrapped around just about any part of your body, and despite it being small enough to fit into an office drawer, it definitely takes some of the bite out of a painful injury.

So if you feel like you spend more time in ‘recovery mode’ than you do in muscle growth and improvement…join the club. But perhaps a better club to join is the folks who believe an injury recovery device should come with just a little more horsepower. Get more info here.