Home and living expert Andrea Campbell tested out the LumiWave after multiple intense daily workouts. Check out the article below:

This article originally appeared in Examiner.com and was written by Andrea Campbell.

BioCare’s LumiWave is an infrared light therapy device. That’s a mouthful. To help narrow it down, their motto is: Pain Relief the Light Way. Easier to understand perhaps.

This device has several parts. It is easy to assemble though—it plugs into the wall, then into a handheld controller, and finally is attached to a small belt of plastic disks with lights (light emitting diodes).

This group of light is attached to an appendage by a small Velcro belt. You can affix it to an arm, leg or foot, etc. When plugged in, it will beep when charged and it then delivers infrared light energy into the tissue of the skin—and this presents as increased tissue temperature.

The lights are meant to result in temporary relief of pain and tension problems you may have from soreness, minor muscular joint pain and stiffness (they say, including the back). The device ups local blood circulation and helps with muscle spasms and minor “chronic pain that is associated with arthritis, sprains or strains”.

I’ve used it numerous times because my daily activity level is high—I walk at least five to eight miles a day with little to no break. Over the period of three weeks I’ve used it every night and like it very much. This local device is applied for 20 minutes (self-timed) and a good time to meditate. There is also a shorter ten-minute therapy time. It is mildly stimulating heat-wise but does provide relief.

If you are getting or have arthritis, if you have muscular pain from an injury, or you are even sore from sleeping incorrectly or just developed repetitive strain injury, this is one tool you can put in your kit of remedies. Of course, live with whatever treatments benefit you and your body but with the side effects of drugs, this is probably a better alternative.