Planes, trains and automobiles often lead to travel pains. Learn how LumiWave can sooth those aches and maladies in the Boston Globe’s travel section:


A version of this article originally appeared in the Boston Globe print edition and online at and was written by Necee Regis.


Long voyages by plane, train, or automobile invariably lead to neck kinks, aching joints, and other maladies. LumiWave is now offering a fast and easy topical solution to pain management on the go. Made of lightweight LED pods, the infrared technology heats and stimulates joints with the aim of providing immediate, temporary pain relief while also encouraging long-term healing of deep-tissue areas. Durable polycarbonate construction make the device comfortable, highly portable, and easy to use. Original 200 LED version contains four pods of 50 LEDs each; double 400 LED version contains eight pods to cover more area. $449/$579. 844-586-4928,