The huge Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins this week in Las Vegas. It’s the annual show where tens of thousands of new products will be shown from thousands of companies. I’m skipping it this year – the first time in more than 30 years – because the show is so large, spread out for miles, and just about impossible to get around. If I did go, I’d be attending a couple of press events where the companies below will be exhibiting. They range from clever to “huh?” and everything in between. These are mostly smaller companies exhibiting for the first time. A few will make it to next year, but many will not. See if you can figure out which ones!

4moms, a consumer technology company that makes hi-tech baby gear, will be showing its new stroller, which includes built-in technology such a cell phone charger, headlights, and LCD screen that tracks distance, speed, and calories.

AirBar is a lightweight bar that magnetically attaches to the bottom of a laptop’s display, plugs in via USB, and instantly enables touchscreen capabilities.

AirTies provides whole-home mesh Wi-Fi solutions to improve Internet coverage and speed and is the most widely deployed system by global operators.

AmpMe is announcing the ability to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers from different manufacturers together, enabling any type of phone to crank the party up without limits.

Anova’s easy-to-use, connected sous-vide hardware enables home cooks to create restaurant-like experiences every day.

Antop Antenna’s full suite of over-the-air digital TV antenna products will continue to support the freedom of no-cost broadcast TV.

Atmotube is the first portable air pollution monitor. It constantly monitors the environment around you, measuring air pollution, temperature, and humidity, detecting the presence of a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gasses, like carbon monoxide (CO).

Audeze showcases the world’s first in-ear planar magnetic headphones for virtual reality and augmented reality applications — the iSINE VR. I think Audeze makes some of the best over the earphones.

August Home will showcase the August Smart Access System — August Smart Lock, Smart Keypad and Doorbell Cam. Cool looking designs.

AXIS will be showing Gear, the first smart home device designed to automate any existing window shade in minutes.

Avegant will show off the Glyph, its personal, premium head-mounted theater as both a 3D mobile media player and a First Person View (FPV) headset for drone flying.

BACtrack will unveil the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor for personal use.

The BelleFox Active Wi-Fi is an AI-enabled Wi-Fi router that uses machine learning to help parents understand and better manage their kids’ online use.

BioCare Systems, Inc. will show the LumiWave, an infrared pain relief device, used by professional athletes at the NFL, PGA and Olympic levels, that is now available to consumers.

Blueair, Inc. will be showcasing its newest line of air purifiers, the Classic family, featuring Wi-Fi capability, a 20% boost in clean air delivery, a sleek profile, and quieter performance.

Bonaverde will be showing the Bonaverde Berlin, the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee maker that brings the best coffeehouse experience to your home.

Canary, a product I use and like,  will be showing Canary Flex, the inside or outside, plugged in or wire-free, weatherproof HD security camera.

Crane unveils its first single sideband radio, along with the latest technology for reception, weak signal Wi-Fi, and audio products for voice clarity.

Comper will be showing the smart medical devices series for women and 0-5-year-old kids.

Como Audio demos its Como Audio Solo and Duetto high-end audio to access all music content sources by pressing a button. An excellent radio on my list of best products of the year.

Dosime will debut a hybrid smart home and wearable device that detects and reports real-time radiation exposure which can potentially impact a consumer’s health without their knowledge.

Ember’s flagship product, an advanced temperature adjustable mug, creates an unforgettable drinking experience that will forever change the way we enjoy coffee or tea.

MoRo is a human-size assistant robot with powerful capabilities for grasping and handling objects.

eBlocker claims to be the world’s first plug & play privacy solution for all your devices. eBlocker is a smart device that anonymizes your online behavior. It blocks all ads, stops all trackers, hides your IP – and lets you surf truly anonymously – on all your devices. eBlocker is plug & play and requires no software installation or configuration. And if you have kids, eBlocker can even prevent access to unwanted content. Developed and made in Germany.

Fertiliti Natural Birth Control and Fertility Tracker — This smart fertility monitor can help you get pregnant, or naturally prevent pregnancy as effectively as condoms. When paired with your smartphone, Fertiliti uses your basal body temperature to know when it’s your best chance to get pregnant.

FoldiMate is designed to save marriages around the world and make your life easier! FoldiMate will fold your laundry quickly, consistently, and like a pro. It can even perfume, soften and de-wrinkle while it folds.