Sherry Fox Appointed CEO of BioCare Systems, Inc.

Leading Biotechnology Company Names Sherry Fox as CEO and President to Guide Company Growth and Product Development

PARKER, Colo., (November 15, 2016) – Today, BioCare Systems, Inc. announces Sherry Fox will resume the position of CEO and President of BioCare Systems, Inc., a company devoted to helping people get better, faster through its patented near infrared (NIR) light therapy device, LumiWave. Ms. Fox is also Chairman of the Board.  Most recently she served as chief business development officer for the company. In her new position, Fox is responsible for overseeing all aspects of product development for the LumiWave device, including manufacturing and regulatory affairs, distribution, sales, financial operations and investor relations.

“There is a $300 billion painkiller industry, where side effects are well documented such as possible liver damage, to name just one,” says Fox. “Our goal at BioCare is to show those living with pain, from a variety of afflictions, that clinical grade relief, previously only available in special facilities or with expensive equipment, is now available to consumers in the comfort and privacy of their own home at an affordable price, without the side effects of drugs.”

As BioCare continues to evolve and innovate in the infrared technology space, Jon Weston, formerly the CEO and president, will be taking on the new roles of chief marketing officer and chief science officer.

Through his role as CMO, Weston is tasked with finding and creating high profile partnerships with recognized sports medicine pioneers and various athletic teams and athletes of all levels. Weston will also be responsible for finding ambassadors for the brand that will benefit from the uses of the LumiWave device and might offer their testimonial and personal endorsement of the product.

Through Weston’s role as CSO, he will strive to prepare BioCare Systems for the next evolution of product development through his outreach and partnerships with influential opinion leaders and doctors in the infrared technology research space, in order to broaden understanding of the science behind this evolving technology.

Prior to serving as the CEO and President of BioCare Systems, Weston was vice president of operations for the company.

“In my new role I will be working and innovating in a field that promises to improve the health of our customers,” says Weston, “BioCare Systems will continue revolutionizing a new and upcoming field alongside the greatest doctors, researchers, athletes and thought leaders in the world.”


About LumiWave

The LumiWave Infrared Light Therapy Device uses the proven science of photo-biostimulation to gently warm inflamed muscles, joints and deep tissue areas of the body, including back, shoulders, ankles, wrists, knees and others, through near-infrared (NIR) light waves emitted through specially engineered Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LumiWave also stimulates cell regeneration and promotes biochemical restorative processes so that users get better, faster.

LumiWave has no known side effects and is an affordable alternative to topical analgesics, oral pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, cortisone shots, and other treatments that can have negative long-term effects on the body. LumiWave has been tested in clinical studies and is currently used by collegiate and professional athletes, as well as athletes who participated in the Beijing, London, Vancouver and Sochi Games, to help them recover from injuries and chronic pain.


About BioCare Systems, Inc.

BioCare Systems Inc., is a company devoted to helping people get better, faster through its patented NIR light therapy technology. Founded by Sherry Fox and her late husband Joe Pecukonis in 1999, today BioCare Systems is a majority woman-owned biotech company with headquarters in Parker, Colo. BioCare has been collaborating closely with medical specialists to bring NIR light therapy to patients, athletes and others for more than a decade to treat pain and discomfort. BioCare’s premier consumer product, LumiWaveâ, launched in 2015 and is the first medical-grade 200-400 LED pain relief device cleared by the FDA for at-home use that is affordable and available over-the-counter. The LumiWaveâ device provides a safe, painless and easy-to-use alternative to other pain relief methods and medications, superior in that it proactively promotes bodily healing using the proven science of photo-biostimulation and has no known side effects. To learn more about BioCare Systems, Inc., or to purchase LumiWaveâ, visit or connect at:,