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Does LumiWave require assembly?
No, it does not. The only thing you need to do is plug it into an electrical outlet to begin use.
Does LumiWave require batteries?

No, LumiWave is powered when plugged into an outlet.

Yes the LumiWave has a limited three year warranty.
Are there side effects to LumiWave?
No there aren’t. LumiWave offers 100% natural and safe pain relief.
What’s the difference between the 20 minute and 30 minute settings?
Both settings deliver the efficient amount of light therapy needed for one session.  The 20-minute setting emits light energy at a higher temperature than the 30-minute setting.
Why does LumiWave use LEDs instead of laser?
Multiple research studies have shown that the stimulating effect of photon penetration and cell absorption is the critical component to biological results, not the source of light (e.g., laser or LEDs). Lumiwave uses clinical-quality near infrared light to stimulate the body’s natural healing properties. Studies have also shown that LEDs are a safer alternative to laser therapy for home use.


Strains, Sprains and Contusions

Treat these conditions initially with ice, following standard treatment recommendations, or as recommended by a medical professional. After two hours of ice treatment, you can switch to using the LumiWave® device for the rest of the rehabilitation process.

If you decide to continue ice treatments, always do the LumiWave® device treatments after the ice, not before it.

Using the device, you may treat an area for a single 20-minute (High-Temperature Mode) or 30-minute (Low-Temperature Mode) period. You may repeat this treatment as often as every six hours.


For pain and stiffness associated with shoulder conditions (such as rotator cuff or adhesive capsulitis), do a series of three treatments with the LED set placed below, across (Photo: 14), and over (Photo: 15) the shoulder joint.


For back pain and stiffness, place the LED sets along the affected area. Or use the Lumiwave® Double model, to treat a larger area of the back at one time. (Photo: 16)


For pain and stiffness around the elbow (medial or lateral epicondylitis), do a series of three treatments with the LED set placed in 3 different locations below, across and above the elbow joint (Photos: 9, 10, 11). To save time, you may also just treat the painful area, instead of doing the series.


For pain and stiffness in the wrist, first use the strap to wrap the LED set around the wrist joint, and deliver one period of treatment (Photo: 12). Then wrap the LED set around the forearm, and deliver an additional treatment (Photo: 13).


For pain and stiffness in the knee (such as from a sprain or arthritis), do a series of three treatments in three different locations below, across and above the knee joint.

To begin, use the strap to wrap the LED set around the leg below the knee area, as shown in photo 7. Then activate a treatment. At the end of treatment, move the LED set to treat the next location across the kneecap. Repeat this process for the third location just above the knee. The Lumiwave® Double model, with 400 LEDs, can treat a larger area at one time, as shown in photo 8.


Use the strap to wrap the LED set around the shin, as shown in photo 5. You can also place the set along either side of the shin to increase circulation in that area.


To treat the ankle, do a series of three to four treatments in different locations moving up the ankle, as shown in photos 2, 3 and 4. To begin, use the strap to wrap the LED set around the lower part of the ankle, and then activate treatment. At the end of treatment, move the LED set up to treat the next location. Repeat until you have treated all locations around the ankle.


To reduce pain and stiffness in the foot, and increase general blood circulation to it, place the LED set along the top of the foot for one treatment period (Photo: 1).

Plantar Fasciitis

For pain and stiffness from plantar fasciitis in the foot, place the LED set along the bottom of the foot, from heel to toe as shown in photo 6. Treat for one treatment period.


How long SHOULD I treat an area with LumiWave?

A single treatment cycle twice per day or as often as every 6 hours is advised for any given area. Each cycle is automatically monitored and controlled by LumiWave. The start of each cycle is indicated by one or two beeps (low and high settings, respectively) and a color change from green to amber or red on the control pod. The end of a cycle is indicated by a series of beeps and a color change back to green. Do not exceed one treatment cycle per area within the six hour time period, as the benefits of treatment may actually diminish. As an example:  you may move the LumiWave 2 inches above the knee, 2 inches below the knee and directly on the center of the knee in one treatment period.  Please consult with your medical advisor or a BioCare representative for specific treatment instructions.

How long will it take for LumiWave to provide results?

This varies by individual, but most people report pain relief soon after starting treatment. For acute injuries, results tend to be quicker. For chronic conditions, it may take several weeks to several months to notice improvements.

How do I turn LumiWave on?

To turn on LumiWave, you need to plug the device into an outlet and press the power button.

How do I turn LumiWave off?

To turn LumiWave off, press and hold down both buttons on the device.

How do I clean my LumiWave?
We recommend cleaning the device with either alcoholic wipes or with mild soap on damp cloth
What conditions does LumiWave treat?

LumiWave is FDA-cleared to relieve and reduce minor pain or discomfort associated with muscles (including spasms and back pain caused by muscle tension), joints, arthritis, sprains and strains.

Can I use LumiWave with medication?
LumiWave can be used with any oral medication. With topical medication, we don’t recommend simultaneously using LumiWave with medication.
Can I use LumiWave if I have cancer?
People going through cancer can use the LumiWave as long as they don’t place the product over the tumor.
Can I use LumiWave if I’m pregnant?

Women can use LumiWave during pregnancy as long as they don’t use the product on their stomach. 


How fast does LumiWave ship?
The LumiWave ships within three to five business days.
What payment methods does LumiWave accept?
BioCare Systems accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.
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