FDA-Cleared Near-Infrared Device, LumiWave, Now Shipping

FDA-cleared near infrared (NIR) device offers a safe alternative to oral and topical pain medications without the added side effects

WHO: BioCare Systems, Inc. a company devoted to helping people get better, faster through its patented NIR light technology.

WHAT: Announced that the near infrared (NIR) pain relief device, LumiWave, is now shipping and widely available to consumers at home. LumiWave was the first NIR pain relief device for cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter purchase and uses the proven science of photo-biostimulation to gently warm inflamed muscles, joints and deep tissue areas of the body, through NIR light waves emitted through specially engineered Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

LumiWave Features

  • Delivers immediate, temporary pain relief with topical use for 20 minutes, twice a day
  • Patented LED infrared technology locally heats and stimulates circulation in joints and other deep-tissue areas of the body affected by pain
  • Promotes long-term regeneration and natural healing, something that Cortisone injections and other forms of pain management cannot accomplish
  • Does not have the negative side effects of other pain management options and is more affordable than other long-term pain management options
  • Optimal power emission rate, light source wavelength and dosage duration make the device extremely safe and painless
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate construction make the device comfortable, highly portable, easy to clean, and easy to use
  • Used by physical therapists, orthopedists, chiropractors, dentists, dermatologists, rheumatologists and other specialists to treat inflamed tissue and promote natural healing
  • Used by professional and collegiate athletes and athletes at the Beijing, London, Vancouver and Sochi Games
  • Assembled in the USA by Colorado-based majority woman owned biotech company dedicated to making people better, faster

WHERE/WHEN: LumiWave is now available for purchase via www.lumiwave.com and comes in a single version for $499 and a double version for $720.

About BioCare Systems, Inc.

BioCare Systems Inc., is a company devoted to helping people get better, faster through its patented NIR light technology. Founded by Sherry Fox and her late husband Joe Pecukonis in 1999, today BioCare Systems is a majority woman owned biotech company with headquarters in Parker, Colo. BioCare has been collaborating closely with medical specialists to bring NIR light therapy to patients, athletes and others for more than a decade to treat pain and discomfort. BioCare’s premier consumer product, LumiWave, launched in 2015 and is the first medical-grade 200-400 LED pain relief device cleared by the FDA for at-home use that is affordable over-the-counter. LumiWave provides a safe, painless and easy-to-use alternative to other pain relief methods and medications, superior in that it proactively promotes bodily healing using the proven science of photo-biostimulation and has no known side effects. To learn more about BioCare Systems, Inc., or to purchase LumiWave, visit www.lumiwave.com or connect at: Instagram.com/LumiWave, Twitter.com/LumiWave.