About Lumiwave Infrared Light Therapy
LumiWave® Infrared Light Therapy Device

LumiWave® Infrared Light Therapy Device

The LumiWave® Infrared Light Therapy Device delivers non-laser infrared light energy deep into muscles and joints that have been injured in the course of your daily activities or favorite sports.

When applied to your body as directed, the LumiWave® temporarily relieves minor muscular pain, muscular back pain, joint pain and stiffness. It also temporarily increases local blood circulation and relieves muscle spasms and minor sub-acute or chronic pain associated with strains, sprains or arthritis.

Since 2005, sports medicine professionals have used the LumiWave® device to  help athletes reduce the pain and stiffness of joint injuries, such as strains or sprains to the foot, ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow and wrist.  They have also successfully treated such common athletic conditions as contusions, minor muscle pain, low back pain and plantar faciitis.

A Complete Treatment System

The LumiWave® device consists of a set of body-conforming pods containing 200 infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) that connect to a handheld controller.

The LED set is placed so that the pods lie flat on the skin above the painful body area. You can also wrap the LED set around a painful arm or leg using the strap that is provided.

The controller allows you to activate the LumiWave® device and select the time period of infrared light treatment (20 minutes or 30 minutes). When the device is activated, the LEDs turn on and deliver light energy safely through the skin into the affected tissues for the period of time you selected. Indicator lights give you information about device operation.

You can wear the controller on the belt clip that is supplied with the device.

The LumiWave® device comes with a 12-volt AC adaptor that connects to the controller and plugs into a standard 120-volt power outlet.

Using the LumiWave® device is easy when you follow the simple directions for use on this website or as supplied with your device.

Two LumiWave® Models Available

Two models of the LumiWave® device are available. The LumiWave® Single device provides four pods containing 200 LEDs to treat small body areas. The Double LumiWave® has eight pods containing 400 LEDs for easier treatment of larger areas.

LumiWave Single
Single Model
LumiWave Single
Double Model

Medical-Grade LED Technology

LED pod

LED Pod – 50 LEDs in each pod (200/set)

Research in the science of light therapy, also called low-level light therapy, photon therapy or phototherapy, shows that infrared light therapy devices must meet two technical requirements in order to be clinically effective for pain relief:

1. Effective wavelength. They must generate infrared light at a wavelength of 840 to 920 nanometers (nm) so that the light can penetrate enough to treat deeper tissues.1-3

2. Effective Energy Dose. They must deliver an infrared energy dose, called the “energy density,” of at least 20 Joules/cm2 to produce analgesia in both superficial and deeper tissues. 4,5

LED infrared light therapy devices are most effective when they bathe a large body area in and around the point of pain. This requires a large aray of 200 to 400 LEDs in order to deliver the optimal energy dose at the right wavelength needed to be clinically effective for pain relief. 6

Only the LumiWave® device provides a clinically effective number of LEDs at a consumer price that you can afford for use at home. The LumiWave® Single model has 200 LEDs and the LumiWave® Double model has 400 LEDs.

Affordable Medical Quality

Besides the LumiWave®, the only other devices containing 200 or more LEDs are large clinical systems costing upwards of $2,000, designed solely for professionals to use in the office or clinic. No other consumer-priced devices contain more than 100 LEDs, so while they may be relatively inexpensive, their designs are not of medical quality to provide clinically effective pain relief.

Through a number of manufacturing improvements, BioCare Systems, Inc. has been able to re- duce the cost of its longstanding LumiWave® device without compromising its high quality. As you would expect for a medical-grade product, the LumiWave® device is backed by a one-year warranty and dependable customer service.

Automated for Safe, Simple Treatment

Patented emitter technology in the LumiWave® device ensures that the LEDs always deliver an effective wavelength and dose of infrared light energy into the body. Two automated controls located on the controller allow you to apply this energy safely and simply for either a 20-minute (High Temperature Mode) or 30-minute (Low Temperature Mode) treatment period, as directed for the area you wish to treat.

Once you start treatment for the selected time period, the LumiWave® device tightly controls the LED temperature so that it will not burn or cause other tissue damage. The LEDs automatically turn off at the end of the treatment period.

For most conditions, two treatments a day are enough to experience pain relief.

Fits Your Active Lifestyle

Besides being simple to use, the LumiWave® device is easy to keep by your side, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Lumiwave Infrared Light Therapy for sore muscles and joints

Technical Specifications

Therapeutic light emitting diodes (LEDs):
Type: infrared gallium aluminum arsenide
Number per pod: 49 infrared and 4 red
Number per LumiWave® model:
LumiWave® Single: 196 (4 pods) + 4 red
LumiWave® Double: 392 (8 pods) + 8 red

Delivered energy: 20 J/cm2 (200 mW/cm2) per treatment

Input voltage: 12 V AC adapter, 300 mA

Delivered wavelength:
At room temperature: 880 nm
At operating temperature: 90°
Operating temperature: 106° – 108° F (41° C – 42° C)

Controller: 4.5 in. x 1.5 in (11.5 cm x 4 cm)
LumiWave® Single LED set (4 pods): 7 in x 2 in (18 cm x 5 cm)
LumiWave® Double LED set (8 pods): 14 in x 2 in (36 cm x 5 cm)
Strap: 12 in. (30 cm)
Weight: 2lbs (controller with 4-pod set)