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LumiWave named one of Runner’s World’s 15 Cool New Products

Runner’s World was at CES 2017 as technology has increasingly become a part of everyday training and overall health. LumiWave was honored as one of Runner’s World’s picks for 15 Cool New Products From CES 2017


Today, BioCare Systems, Inc. announces Sherry Fox will resume the position of CEO and President of BioCare Systems, Inc., a company devoted to helping people get better, faster through its patented near infrared (NIR) light therapy device, LumiWave.

FDA-Cleared, OTC Pain Relief Now Available

LumiWave, the first near infrared light pain relief device for cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter purchase, uses photobiostimulation to gently warm inflamed muscles, joints and deep tissue areas of the body, through a special dose of near infrared light.

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January 9, 2017

15 New Cool Products from CES 2017

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“I’ve also used LumiWave with great success for pain relief after two knee replacements and a torn rotator cuff. LumiWave has helped me not only manage my pain but also reduce it over time.”

Wix Howard

Former competitive athlete, former ski instructor